Last Words of a Wild One (For Oscar)

No more our four, I am going to die
Tonight, the Stars shine brilliantly
Must I so watch the twilight of my day?
A triumphant fight, from earth I fly.

Now as fragile as a feather falling,
I who once was hard as rock,
Chose to stand beneath the sun
And sought to shine with all my heart.

If only I could know for sure
The promise of my yesterday’s fulfilled
Before I fade into a thought,
Before I join the voices on the wind.

Already, grey winds whisper
Of what I would and am
O’er the field on which I linger
They sing of bones that built this land.

So softly now I’ll go,
Few trees remain
For rare the water flows,
But for the blood that falls like rain.

Don’t let this end with nothing to convey
Dare you essay to explain,
Repay me with some thoughtful things I’d say
Had I but seen old age, learned life’s refrain.

Would I had time to say goodbye, to long
Bring back these things, my love, my name,
And put no end on my life’s song
For surely we will meet again.


2 thoughts on “Last Words of a Wild One (For Oscar)

  1. Hi mom, I wrote this poem about eleven years ago. I had a very vivid scene suddenly going through my mind of a person dying. In the original poem I jumped around a lot between what they were saying and what I was feeling. I looked at it again this year and realized that if I took out the lines about how my day had been going it could very well be for Oisin’s son, Oscar. I am not entirely sure who I originally saw in the scene, but the person definitely had been young-ish and died fighting. In any case, Oscar was very appreciative that I dedicated the poem to him.

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