Check Out Ali Isaac’s Trailer for Her Forthcoming Book, Conor Kelly and the Fenian King


My friend Ali Isaac just made this trailer for her forthcoming second book in her Tir Na Nog series called Conor Kelly and the Fenian King.  I’ve tried pasting in the code for the youtube video, but if it has mysteriously vanished just head over to and search for Ali Isaac Fenian King. Definitely give it a watch!

Conor is a boy with severe disabilities– so severe that he’s the kind of person many would unfortunately refer to as a vegetable. There’s nothing plantlike about this kid, though. First, he’s got a really sharp mind. Also, like me, he can see the mist between the worlds and talk to the Tuatha De Danann.

Conor’s character is loosely based on Ali’s own five-year-old daughter, Carys, who is herself profoundly disabled and still is a beautiful light for all who know her. 


Her first book is called Conor Kelly and the Treasures of Eirean.  Here is what Ali says about it: “lost treasures, an enigmatic sorceress, and a boy in a wheelchair. A quest begins…

Book One of The Tir na Nog Trilogy begins an epic fantasy adventure which takes us back in time to the shadowy past of Ireland’s long-lost legend, where
fairy kings and Gods walked amongst mortals, and where feats of magic, swordsmanship, and courage were customary.

Here amongst the ancient stones of Newgrange and Tara, Conor discovers that anyone, no matter how unlikely, can still be a hero.”


She says of book 2: “It has been a year since Conor restored the lost Four Treasures of Eirean to the Sidhe.  During that time, there has been great unrest in the magical realm of Tir na Nog. The Ri Tuatha of Gori has been murdered. Annalee has been accused and imprisoned. Ruairi has disappeared, and the City of Fal is under siege.

Once again, the Sidhe turn to Conor for help, as he goes in search of the only man who can reunite them, a man who rests in slumber beneath the hills of Ireland. Conor must overcome his own demons, if he is to save his friends, and awaken the Fenian King.”

You can buy an e-copy of book one at as well as hard copies at Amazon.  Book 2 should be coming out this fall. I’m really looking forward to reading it!p>


You can read more about Ali’s books, her insightful articles on tidbits from her research, and everyday life living in Ireland and being a mother of three at her blog,


2 thoughts on “Check Out Ali Isaac’s Trailer for Her Forthcoming Book, Conor Kelly and the Fenian King

  1. Thank you Eilish! I was touched by your description of my little girl Carys as a beautiful light to all that know her…you are so right, and what a beautiful way to say it. Xxx

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