The Bridge People

Once we rode the waves of time forgotten
The bridge of light before us whining in the wind
Trodden by our silent feet and gazing straight ahead

Over colors glittering above our once sweet sky
The bridge from world to world spanned the abyss
Between what soon will live and what once died

We cross, ourselves and whatever we can hold
Against the howling relentless riff and without a sound
We make our way to the unknown
No looking back, no looking down

And each who crosses continues on
One long and lingering lonely song
The melody of you and I
All living things, what life is ours

Bursts forth in polyphony
The voices of the earth and stars
And to this day the song still rings
Throughout this space, each human being

Where do we learn to sing this song
How do you know which world you’re in
Find a truth where you belong
Then, child, your worldmaking can begin


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