4 thoughts on “The Significant Other

  1. Lovely poetry and blog! Thank you! I also have an article in current Coreopsis, and wanted to thank you for your article. Was surprised to see you live in Tucson as well!

    I am also a mask artist, and have been asking for spoken word and poetry contributions to the new collection of “Masks of the Goddess” masks I’m making, to “give them voice”, and wanted to invite you, should it be of interest.


    1. Thank you! Your work on masks of gods and goddesses and enfusing them with a voice that is old and current and changing is incredible. I would be honored to participate in the project. Though I go to the University of Arizona in Tucson I am actually currently living in Berkeley. Are you also a student at UofA or living nearby? I did live in Tucson for my first six years of graduate school. Fantastic article in Coreopsis as well!

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