Song of the Butterfly

Butterfly you’re trapped,
Inside a hollow stone,
All alone.

Longing to get back
To the rocks and streams,
The forest of your own.

Among the trees and shaded shadows you have grown.
Beyond these hills to sacred hollows return home.
You were meant to sail the wind,
Remember all that you have known,

And fly away, oh fly away,
Find your way,
It’s time to change.

Not knowing who you are,
You take the path to these
Nine hazel trees

And long to stay what wanders far,
To gather all you ever loved
In endless song.

But if ever love is to be near,
You’ll have to set it free.
I let you go not knowing,

Whether you’d come back to me.
And life can only take its shape
Once you let it be.

So fly away, oh fly away,
Find your way,
It’s time to change.

This chrysalis has crystallized around you.
You’re afraid to climb outside,
Find what surrounds you.

Come break free,
No need to hide,
Just spread your wings

And try
This open door.
I promise you will soar.

Fly away, oh fly away,
Find your way,
It’s time to change.

Butterfly you’ve flown,
Dancing across the sky,
No telling where you’ll land.

A shattered crystal stone
Lies still and empty,
In my palm, my open hand.

And just before I turn to leave,
I reflect on what I’ve found.
The rustling trees and running stream
Remain the only sounds.

They whisper in the twilight,
“none have returned here until now.
Don’t you understand?”
Transformed, I’m here again,

And fly away, I fly away,
Find my way,
It’s time to change.


5 thoughts on “Song of the Butterfly

    1. Aye, very true that. 🙂 This poem/song came out of a very powerful meditation, in which, at least in my mind’s eye, I went as I often do to the grove of the nine hazel trees. There’s a reason why I’ve never had to ask how to get there…I found out much more recently this isn’t the first time around I’ve been on the path of a druid. But that was actually not the most important discovery.

      1. 🙂 Well, there was a night months after I wrote this song in which I learned who I once had been. Although I haven’t gotten to learn her name or talk to her (me?) yet! Yike, complicated. 🙂 But the most important thing was to deal with the present, which, among many things, was not to hold too tightly to places and friendships and such, just for the fear of losing them. When we need to leave and grow, we do: and if we want to return, well like I have to my family beyond this world, even though that was never a certainty, and it’s taken me an absurdly long time, then that is what happens. Anything less than the ability to make such choices for ourselves is not unconditional love, but because you’re never separate, when you let go you lose nothing. That’s what I was shown, through the metaphor for which I wrote the song. Oh well now I hope I haven’t said too much!

      2. To love without holding, to allow the freedom of flight or return,for others and for yourself… to see hands held in the chain as it dances through a time that does not exist… to give all and accept all without demand 🙂

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