In The Silence: A Song

Listen to my song here!

This is a song that came together through me yesterday. It is the voice of the one, of the whole, not from a single person. It is about the truth at the heart of us all that I am so grateful, blessed, to know and experience.

This is a pretty rudimentary recording, please forgive me. Audacity isn’t the most accessible program and I was competing throughout the day with trains, which meant it took hours to lay tracks down.

Here are the Lyrics.

In The Silence

In the silence I hold
You, in my arms, in my arms.
In the silence I hold
You, in my arms, in my arms.

Once you heal yourself,
You can heal others.
Once you forgive others,
You can forgive yourself.

Keen, and the rain will weep with you,
Dance, and the wind will carry you,
Rise, and the trees will stand with you,
Shine, you are your own light.

Shout, and the stars will answer you,
Call, and the mountains will sound with you,
Laughter, the song of life in you,
Shine, you are your own light.

Dream, and the seeds will wake with you,
Breathe, and the tides will move through you,
Be, and your silence will shelter you,
Shine, you are your own light.

Surrendering, all you are shines through,
You are the light you see in you,
And in the silence I hold
You, in my arms, in my arms.


6 thoughts on “In The Silence: A Song

    1. Click the link in the emailed blog post and then press play on the Sound Cloud page. Or view the blog post online and press play in the Sound Cloud player. Or just listen to the attachment I emailed you separately yesterday. 🙂

  1. Éilis… I don’t know what to say! This is beautiful, the harmonies sent a shiver down my spine. My husband walked in while I was playing it and and said, “What’s that? It’s lovely, sounds like something really ancient.” I played it for Carys, she really concentrated on it the whole way through and at the end tapped the phone and said ‘dada’ – again. I always knew you had a lovely voice, but this shows you really have a gift. It reminded me of the traditional Sean-nos style of singing, only I liked it better because of the harmonies. Well done!

    1. Wow, your words moved me Ali! I’m so glad the song spoke to you and am so excited that Carys loved it so much. What a wonderful compliment from your husband, too. Just, thank you all for this. 🙂

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