I think most violence is a senseless act driven by the false belief that people can have power over other people. Achieving such power is a life mission befitting a badly done Greek tragedy. People go ahead anyway, deluding themselves that death is a form of control. They only betray their egregious ignorance, the desperation of their ill-conceived despair over their helplessness, the rejection of their own fragility. No one is so powerful as to alter the principle of the world, and the principle of the world is life.

If each could experience
The truth, who we are,
How then could we senselessly
Destroy each other?

Shards of light,
Each fragment shines,
No telling now
What’s yours, or mine.

Life breaks open
Comes undone,
Scatters all
We’ve ever known.

Wandering through darkness
I hope one day we find
Undying love:
For we’ll leave all else behind.


2 thoughts on “Senseless

  1. There is a human driver; greed, to covet all, to exploit to take all, but not to pay any price or recompense or be responsible for actions and consequences

    1. I completely agree, Eamonn. It often seems like the very culture we live in promotes this idea, that we can take anything we like from other people, even try to take them from themselves, without any sense of personal responsibility or shared coexistence. Such an attitude also lies behind the destruction of our environment as well. There needs to be a shift in values and I’m not so sure how that will be done. One person at a time, maybe.

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