I See You _ A Tribute to Every Person Who Is Not Recognized For Who They Are

I see you,
Children no longer here,
Your faces in my dreams
Chiseled on the landscape of my soul.

Last night, I listened to you tell your story,
With a voice that in life you could not share.
You spoke of many wonders, despite your pain,
Most never noticed you were there.

I see you
Young women now and years ago,
Hands reached to steal you from yourself,
Attempt to turn you into stone.

They tried to make you, objects kept in secret towers.
Your fearful eyes haunt my waking hours.
How many still live with scars?
How many died to protect what is ours?

I see you,
As if I were there,
Each moment, a person I’ve never met,
I will keep your memory near.

How could anyone try snuffing out a sacred star?
How could anyone destroy such beauty until it’s gone?
How could anyone fail to see the brilliant light
Within each of us alike, though different for each one?

How can we stare and judge and yet not see
We’re holding up a mirror?
I live the truth it shatters me,
Stark and raw and clear.

My tears they fiercely stand behind my eyes,
So determined not to fall.
If I put words to your thousand nameless cries,
Could it do any good at all?


6 thoughts on “I See You _ A Tribute to Every Person Who Is Not Recognized For Who They Are

  1. A lot of ideas in here, all moving about, twining and untwining … A lot of people.
    I should like to feel that you were happier, Éilis …

    1. Hi MR, Well generally speaking I am happy. But several things happened in the last several days which aren’t directly related to my life, and yet I vividly saw what these people were going through as if I were there anyway. I’m sad for them, I was also hit with many emotions that aren’t mine. Just have to acknowledge and process them and honor those people and continue living. It happens to me from time to time.

    1. I’m glad the poem spoke to you, Ali. Sometimes, when terrible or tragic things happen in this world, I am innundated with images of them, and it’s of necessity to write about it.

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