Food for Thought

Next up in the One-Many OM Project: Joanna Van Der Hoeven, Food for Thought

The One-Many OM Project: Each, one among many, and the many are one.

What do we choose to nourish within ourselves? This is a thought provoking post by an author and fellow druid which really speaks to the heart of the relationship we have with our emotions, particularly fear and anger and how important it is to accept and acknowledge these feelings. This is part of what it means to surrender to what is.

Down the Forest Path

food_for_thoughtWe’ve all heard the term, “you are what you eat”. We know that if we put bad things into our bodies, we’ll end up feeling pretty poorly. Equally, if we put good, wholesome, nourishing food into our bodies, we will feel much better. How much different is it to take this idea over to our thinking minds?

Our minds need nourishment too. All too often, we overload it with media and television, with constant thinking, worrying and getting stuck in our emotions. These things also help us to distract ourselves from our true self, from our true or “pure” thinking and emotions. We can get so wrapped up in them that we can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

We all have things like fear and anger within our minds and within our bodies. The key is to not nourish these things, but instead nourish more positive…

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