The Weavers of the Light

I am the song of the light
Singing through you

Chords of colors,
Calling and drawing and shaping you home.

Reach out and fly, encircled by love,
We stand beside you, outstretched hands

And tie the knots four-way,
White with gold, against the stars.

Streaming this tapestry
Over your countless wounds,

From hand to hand,
We weave the way of healing.

Over and under strands of sun,
Brilliant in this wild cry, we are here, we have come.

All night we gather and mend the threads of what is,
Until, everywhere, you spring to life, glowing,

waking with that divine knowing
That has always been ours.


17 thoughts on “The Weavers of the Light

  1. This is very beautiful. Wanting to provide a contrast to everything that has been happening in recent days, I shall refer to it, Éilis Niamh …

  2. I’m not sure I understand everything which is going on here, Éilis, its way above my head, but it is a very beautiful evocative peace, you have really conjured up some beautiful images for me, and I see a lot of bright shining light. I love the idea of weaving these strands of light to achieve healing. I recently experienced Reiki, and the woman who did it said she got a strong vision of me doing it too. The thought of possibly having that energy in my hands is quite mindblowing, yet I feel a strange reluctance to investigate it. What do you think of that?

    1. I think she’s right, Ali. We all have light in us. Reiki is a powerful but very gentle way of healing and really, really safe to learn, if you’re interested. Eventually I’d like to learn too, but haven’t had the space to focus on it yet. My understanding is you visualize very ancient symbols while channeling light, which is already there in and around you, through your hands and direct it at another person. I was also told once by a practitioner that in effect what she does is reflect the other person’s energy back at them as well. Either way you aren’t using up your own resources in any way that would deplete you at the expense of another.

    2. I wonder sometimes if light weaving is an ancient form of healing now lost to most of us. I’ve experienced this myself, and am really filled with gratitude and awe by it. It looks very beautiful. Two people stand across from each other and they take strands of light in their hands and cross it in these diagonal four-way patterns, and then once a section of it is done, they direct it at whatever needs attention. Several people in my ancient family have done this for/with me, a couple times, and it boggles my mind, too! The image I got last night where the poem came from was helping to heal the world with the woven light. Which was really incredible.

      1. In practical terms, beams of light are like strands, so I dont see why it cant be done. But my human eyes dont see them as separate strands, nor can I hold one in my hands, so yes, its really hard to get my head around. But light is a form of energy, so it makes sense, to me at least, that it could be used for healing… if you understood the way of it, which I guess takes learning and understanding, just like any other knowledge.

      2. It’s definitely something that has to be learned. Ailbhe is learning how to do it now, and it’s wonderful to watch her figure it out. I still don’t pretend to understand. 🙂 But I think in this case it’s not something you’d necessarily see with physical eyes, and I really have no clue how or whether a physical person could do it. Light beams seem too tiny compared to human hands! Though I have wondered whether it would be possible for physical people to invent something similar and use technology to focus and move the light. That’s over my head for sure. 🙂

        You can’t weave the light on your own and would have to not only know how, but coordinate it with another person. Which is part of what makes it so interesting to watch, because it works on the principle of interdependence.

  3. I don’t know who I ended up here. clicked on a post of a blogger I know and might have been fooled and redirected. Hate that! Don’t know too much about poems. So can’t say anything about it.

  4. This is beautiful and evocative. I often feel the energy in and flowing tgrough my hands, like a warm vibration. The tapestry of our lives cannot be complete until we join our threads of light with that light of others. Beautiful, beautiful words.

    1. I have felt that light in my hands too, kanzensakura. It’s like a current running through. Once or twice the light has been everywhere and, though I doubt it was visible, I felt like I was glowing. Incredible, isn’t it? I believe it is who we are, at essence, and at that level of being there seem to be no divisions and as you have said, we are already interconnected.

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