On the Journey Unfolding

Stillness sparkles
Like beads of sweat upon her skin
Overwhelmed with not knowing
Enough, and too much at once

Off the next step of the journey
She falls as if diving
Backward, body tumbling suddenly
Into a network of outstretched hands

Cautiously she peers up, seeking reassurance
In their wise and ancient faces
Gently they explain the why of it
For a second, peace, she accepts

But silence shrouds the when and how
Unsettled by uncertainty
Stars wait to intermittently flicker
Behind the eyes she starts to close

She is a crescent of moon
Surely too small to be prepared
To rise full across the sky
Reflecting the sun

How does light, bending
Coalescing into prisms
Of the named and unnamed colors
Experience living, life dynamic and moving

She could ask them to leave her here
But that would only put an end to growing wild
And what joyful homecoming might await them
Passed the familiar with its running interference

And so, though fear taunts her
Beckons with cold stone stare
She is already changing
One fragile life, they carry her

Where are they going
Needing, again and again at every moment
To trust, letting go into love
That no matter the form, she remains who she is

Light is a shelter woven over her
Light is sharp awe, soft wonder
Seeing herself take shape before her eyes
Recognizing, eyes open, she will mirror the spiraled patterns of being


2 thoughts on “On the Journey Unfolding

  1. You describe a beautiful moment almost spoiled by fear and doubt, a transition, a metamorphosis… its lovely Éilis! The imagery of diving and being caught by their network of hands made me take a sharp breath! I could see it happening!

    1. Thanks, Ali! Wow I’m so glad you could see that. It’s still happening! 🙂 Yes I’m definitely in some kind of transition/transformation. The thing is I’m still not entirely sure what it is, which is mostly why sometimes it’s all too easy to freak myself out. But really there’s no need for me to be worried, it’s all part of growing and I know I am not alone. There have been times in the last few weeks when I’ve been with my ancient kin and I could literally watch myself have/bring through more light, not sure how else to explain it. I have no idea where this is all going but I’ll certainly let you know when things become clearer to me.

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