7 thoughts on “50 + Landscape images of Ireland : Happy St Patricks Day !

      1. It’s so long since I’ve been back, been anywhere come to that. The south is lovely for the climate, but I really miss the landscapes of the north, and even a brief holiday is out of the question. God, I’ll have myself in tears if I don’t shut up!

      2. Thanks for the hugs. It gets to me sometimes, but I know that winter is such a difficult time for me to get through—I have a strange auto-immune condition—that I’m better off here.

  1. A marvellous example of re-blogging, Éilis – thanks for reminding me of Nigel’s site, which, in the several reincarnations of my own, had been lost.
    I hope you had a lovely day on Tuesday, my dear ! 🙂

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