Cave of the Seers – River of the Sun 2015

Poetry of the worlds from Sue Vincent, co-director of The Silent Eye School of Consciousness.

The Silent Eye

Whence did they come?
Through deepest earth, to starlit skies, they came.

Where did they go?
From one world to another, outer to inner, treading the Path of Light.

What did they find, the walkers between the worlds?
Nought but mirrored mirrors, reflecting each other. Gold and silver, into Infinity.

What were they told?
All they had ears to hear.

What did they see?
All they had eyes to see.

What were they given?
Blessings and riddles that are their own answers.

What did they take?
The shadow of a doorway.

What did they make?
A portal to the stars.

Who crossed the threshold?
All who were graced.

Will they return?
Not unchanged…


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7 thoughts on “Cave of the Seers – River of the Sun 2015

    1. You’re welcome! This is such a wonderful poem with a beautiful message. It greatly resonates with me. “Will they return? Not unchanged.” Indeed. 🙂

      1. I know, words can fail us in such experiences easily. I could tell it was more than a poem, actually, I just wasn’t sure if you wanted to hold that aspect of it private. You got the attention of two of my ancient kin who happened to be here and I could tell this experience, something similar, has happened to them in many ways. Thresholds it seems are always such sacred places on a journey through which to transform and become changed into more of who you have always been.

      2. This wasn’t a private thing for me alone, but part of the Silent Eye’s ritual workshop recently. It was, however, as special for us as it was for those who were there and its mark witll, I think, linger.

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