Accepting The Weird In You – A Writers Must #1000speak

Absolutely brilliant and beautiful post by Sacha Black on the dangers of conformity, the need for acceptance, and embracing all we are.

Sacha Black

Accepting the weird in you - a writers must

Weird, weirdo, strange, unusual, abnormal, not normal, odd, freaky, eccentric, all words I’ve been called over the years. But why? Why have we (society) corrupted the words weird and inserted negative meanings into them? I don’t know about anyone else but I wasn’t party to the memo telling me the ‘Normal Police’ had been legislated and were arresting anyone who showed even a hint of stepping over the accepted line. I know humans are conformists, but really?

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3 thoughts on “Accepting The Weird In You – A Writers Must #1000speak

  1. A great post from Sacha! I read it this morning. You should write for #1000speak, Éilis, its perfect for you, and you certainly have so much to contribute.

  2. Thanks so much for reposting this – means the world. Lovely to connect too – pretty sure I’ve heard your name around the bloggisphere – Ali might have something to do with that!

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