One Million Dreams _ An Original Song

Earlier today a song came to me. It was inspired by an image I kept seeing in my mind of a million lights radiating out over the earth, each flame the spark within a person, dreaming for a better world. It wouldn’t leave me alone, so I made a first attempt at a recording tonight. Enjoy!

One Million Dreams

One million dreams fly
One million dreams fly
Over the ocean
Earth and sky

Shine, shine
You were meant to blaze brightly
You were meant to share your light


5 thoughts on “One Million Dreams _ An Original Song

  1. Gorgeous Éilis! How did I miss this? I am having a lot of WP notifications go direct into my spam file. It’s so annoying, because there is way too much stuff in there for me to dig around in. I really need to get this sorted.

    Your singing is beautiful and ethereal, as always. I don’t know how you manage these complex harmonies, but I love them! Carys enjoyed it too!

    1. Thanks Ali! It was much more like being given the harmonies to the song than picking them out. Glad you enjoyed listening! 🙂

      That’s so frustrating about WP, I hope you get things sorted out, too.

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