A Temporary Away Message of Sorts

Lately I’ve had no time to blog.
No … I haven’t fallen in a bog…

But perhaps, metaphorically, there’s a similar explanation:
I’ve been totally swamped by my dissertation!

Submerged in a pile of huge Braille books,
I’m Neglecting friends, and the dishes, and most else, by the looks.

And though being cooped up just makes me want to scream,
I’m consoled by the thought of realizing my dream.

It’s finally happened, the end somewhat in sight,
I’ll have to stay focused to make it all right.

It’s come to that time where the finish draws near,
So to make sure my arguments are perfectly clear,

Alas, I’m indoors, this second half of September.
I’ll try to post something, if and when I remember.

I promise a real post, one of these days,
When I finally emerge from this philosophy haze.


12 thoughts on “A Temporary Away Message of Sorts

  1. Lol! Very good, Éilis! Take all the time you need… some things are more important. We’ll still be here for you when you surface. Xxx

      1. If funny because when I find out them I’m at a loss for my blogs, and I have two so that’s a lot of writing on two very different subjects, I just wait. Someone new topics always seem to pop into my head. I just need to start carry paper around with me or at least my phone to write notes down.

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