The Apology

While what’s broken mends
We gather one another’s tears
Frightened by these raw words
Shared in earnest honesty

For our trembling hands
Suddenly afraid to touch
For the truths, unearthed
We longed to rebury in sand

For fragile trust
We thread between to weave again
I will share with you what no one else has known
What hidden shadows still inform who I am

Reach out, light one, I have much to own
Though you found the strength to take a stand
A midst the rubble of our yesterdays
What I wish to take back, were it that I can

Why do you still blame yourself
When there is nothing else you could have done
How could you not be carried away
By wild waves, compelling you too far from land

I led the way, in the space that was ours
And almost lost you; of course you ran
Let the sea of forgiveness enfold our hearts
You were caught in fierce tides you did not understand


12 thoughts on “The Apology

  1. So many lines I like in this poem, Éilis, but that last is so full of power and so telling. I feel this story is not yet over…

      1. I’m glad about that. 😊 Someone sent me healing today. I dont know who or why but it was wonderful!

      2. Perhaps one of your guides was with you?

        What I do know, in general terms, is this has been, and still is, a very powerful time for waking up, for emerging from the old into the new. Particularly because of the auspitious nature of having a super moon and eclipse so close to the equinox where the focus is on balancing. I feel like this might be helping people be more consciously aware of what’s going on in our journeys. Well, at least that has been the case for me. 🙂

        The why of it though is less important than that you have people strongly looking out for you, Ali. 🙂

      3. Thank you Éilis. You could be right about that. And I am looking forward to seeing the moon. We have very light cloud right now. Hope it clears. Will you be watching?

      4. I’ll definitely be out in our courtyard at around 7:30 tonight as that’s when we’re supposed to see the eclipse in our time zone. I might end up watching with a sighted person but either way I’ll be able to feel the energy. 🙂

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