You Came _ In Memory of Carson

You came into a world, crying out the joyous wonder
Bursting to begin, to set the spark of life aflame
Safe within the arms of love, they brought you home

You came to be a living song, long into the years of growing
Knowing within every passing moment
All that precious time could name

You came and went so quickly
Your laughter a dying memory
Your love, a glowing ember, still remains

You came into a world in peaceful silence
Across the threshold, a light, a hand to welcome you
Safe within the arms of love, they brought you home


10 thoughts on “You Came _ In Memory of Carson

    1. He’s a young man who was out skiing almost two weeks ago and went missing. He died, only 23. I know his father and step mother. I didn’t know him, but wanted to pay tribute to his life. He crossed peacefully into the world beyond. In this world, what is remembered lives.

    1. He was a twenty-three-year-old man who went missing while out skiing, he died last week, still not found. I know his step mom pretty well–since I was eight or ten–and have also met his father. I can’t imagine losing a child, no matter their age, and it devistates me to just have to think about it I wanted to find a way to remember him, I was inspired with the poem. .

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