The Winter Born

Sue’s Snow Stairs Photo

Every night the sisters crept from darkness, their sharp words raking the air like claws. They sang up sneering shadows, their taunting voices, cold as death. Sleepless, we cowered in corners. And then one night, they vanished, a cackling flurry down winding stairs. Their absence was all that remained.

We woke to ice on windows, glass cracking and contracting in wooden frames. Condensation dripped down frosty walls. Frigid air hung heavy … waiting. Furniture loomed slick and sheer, a solid glacial blue. A grating crunch, and we pried the door, running for the stairs … lost under thick drifts of snow.


For Sue’s photo prompt, The Stairs.


22 thoughts on “The Winter Born

    1. Thanks, Helen! That’s awesome that you think so, I still don’t know what the picture really looks like, I just was captivated by her mention of snow stairs and got the feeling from her associations with it that there was something kind of sinister about the photo. 🙂

      1. Of course! Well, you’ve done splendidly – the image is of snow covered stairs leading to a stone archway, with evergreen trees above. There’s sort of a shimmer in the air, which is just like your frosty magic 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jane! Oddly enough, it was actually a nightmare. It was part of a dream I had last week. The only thing I changed was adding snow on the stairs at the end. 🙂

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