I have had little to say
For I cannot both speak
And share these silences
Heavy with honesty

Hidden heartbeats
Leaves uncurling
Reaching hands

I cannot map change onto an undiscovered landscape
Describe time’s tides not yet sailed
Or make verses of untold

Fragile possibilities
Nascent and naked
Stretching soft tendrils
To touch a turning world

I cannot choreograph the wondrous waves
Crashing down croppings of rock
To cradle the clay creature I am

Cascading a cadence, playful and wild
As the wind whips them free
Flying, falling, sea strand and sea
Uncertainty churning the breath of the sky

How it cries aloud what could be my name
And how I am leaping, leaping through
Before I even understand

Breathless and smiling
Swept up, gathered close in
Fierce love, bewildered, untamed


11 thoughts on “Wordless

    1. Thanks for reblogging, I am so glad the poem spoke so much to you. The experiences it tries to capture truly can’t be adequately put into words… I wish it were possible to remain within them.

      1. That’s for sure, Ali. Feeling pretty challenged at the moment. I’ll get through it. But hopefully sooner than later I will figure out how to take the next steps I’m needing toward the future and not feel separate at the same time. 🙂

      2. You will I’m sure of it. And you have great guides. Making the transition to employment is a very stressful time, I remember my own. I felt so lost. But you’ll get through it. Xxx

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