Crossing The In Between

You carry me
A child in your arms
Through an open door, a crumbling ruin
Remnants of an old self where once I lived

Glancing back, there is only a shadow
Of the one I once had been
Fading as the sunset settles
The landscape still

And then … …

Hush, the darkness descends, encircling, enfolding
The quiet complete, I am safe in your keeping
Dissolving into the soft peaceful presence of you
Heartbeat of earth, soil of silence

I wait to sing the songs of sleeping seeds
Stirring as seeds do, gently
In their slow, motionless unfolding
Rooted firmly in our unconditional belonging

Turning toward the light
Without eyes to behold the dawning sky
Reaching, growing up toward the unknown
Without hands to hold out to find the way

Only your eyes
Seeing with such compassion to every moment of my waking
Only your hands
Holding me tenderly, shaping me whole


4 thoughts on “Crossing The In Between

  1. This is lovely and very soothing, Éilis. It has a completely different feel to your other recent poems. I’m guessing you’re in a good place right now. 😊

      1. It’s not a literal new place. As far as feelings go, I am all over the map. But there is a constancy the Neath that which is hard to put into words. Like, I can be angry, or sad, or grateful, or happy, or scared, but those are waves, and beneath them is an ocean. It is like being held whether you think you’re alone or feel connected. Everything is changing, and beneath that is the person who you’ve always been but you’re becoming more of that than before. It’s just hard totalk about without metaphors. I don’t know. Now I am making things sound more elaborate than is necessary. I’m just going through a lot of change, and some of it is hard, but I’m grateful for all of it. And I can’t tell you exactly where it’s all going but I know I’ll be cared for, if that makes sense. That makes all the difference.

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