About The Sound of What Happens

Daughter of the rising sun
Of universes just begun,
Sister to the wind and rain
Remember who you are, remember your name.

About Éilis Niamh:

I am lonely, wild daughter
I am woman, I speak the language of Earth Mother
I am lone wolf of ancestor forest groves
I am laughter through echoing canyons
I am crisp wind through grassy barren fields
I, small life rustling in the bush
I, smooth, small grainy pebbles pushed up on beaches, water-worn
I am roaring river along harsh and stoney banks
I am wisp of smoke from lingering campfire, scattering above thin high clouds
I am the peaceful quietude of the dying twilight
I am a beam of light at sunrise piercing the shield of darkness over a mountain forest
I am a caterpillar on a leaf gaining sustenance to change
I am the taste of honey suckle, dew drops and mint leaves
I am scented salty blue, of dirt after rain, of chocolate
I am the wild strawberry plant twining through undergrowth to present an offering to birds
I am the subtlety of reeds and the wild wind which blows through them cold and rattling
I am the scurry of a curious, effervescent squirrel and the acorns squirrels gather.

Many things happen. Life is an activity, and every moment contains something wondrous if only you stop to notice it. This is the place where I share what happens, where I make space for the telling of all that awen urges me to put into words. The majority of my writing here will be poetry and short stories, but don't be surprised to see the occasional advocacy piece or mercifully short philosophical argument, or pun for that matter. I love playing around with words, so if you ever encounter something like: the statement "This statement is false," is false, don't panic. Everything written on this blog actually happened, unless it didn't, and that won't change until it does.

I now leave you with the story that inspired the name of this blog: a story about the people whose willingness to live or die by what they held as truth gave me the strength to once again speak mine.

The Music Of What Happens:

“Once, as they rested on a chase, a debate arose among the Fianna-Finn as to what was the finest music in the world.

“Tell us that,” said Fionn turning to Oisin.

“The cuckoo calling from the tree that is highest in the hedge,” cried his merry son.

“A good sound,” said Fionn. “And you, Oscar,” he asked, “what is to your mind the finest of music?”

“The top of music is the ring of a spear on a shield,” cried the stout lad.

“It is a good sound,” said Fionn. And the other champions told their delight; the belling of a stag across water, the baying of a tuneful pack heard in the distance, the song of a lark, the laugh of a gleeful girl, or the whisper of a moved one.

“They are good sounds all,” said Fionn.

“Tell us, chief,” one ventured, “what you think?”

“The music of what happens,” said great Fionn, “that is the finest music in the world.”


30 thoughts on “About The Sound of What Happens

  1. Eilish Niamh thank you for following me! Woowoot! I will promote and excite your writings as much as I can. I have your chosen name in one of my stories as a mom that loses a child. That said?
    Ní mór duit a chruthú “faoi” leathanach.

    1. Cinnte! I love reading your stories as well, you’re a very talented writer. I appreciate you promoting my writing and I’ll do the same for you!
      That’s cool that you wrote a story with a character who shares the same name as me. Is it on your blog? Go raibh maith agat for following my blog as well, tá áthas orm go (that?) is maith leat é–I’m glad you like it. Or at least that is what I attempted to say. 🙂
      Tá a fhios agam, Beidh mé an leathanach a scríobh amárach, nó dé Domhnaigh. I hope I said something that made sense, I am still learning. Thanks for giving me some new words to learn, too.

      1. With honor I will, for you, publish (Have to look, I may already have) the passages that your name is in. 😉 AH! After a bit of looking. Chapter 20 of the Grampus novel. “Old School Medicine” Uses a bit of fiction, some real medicine and Druid stories I have come across. Infection control by smudge smoke. (Sage, juniper and many others are wonderful herbs that western medicine has forgotten and “left behind”)

      2. And thank you for the compliment, but in comparison to your writing, I am a weak pretender to the word. You do very well. After I do my day and read yours, I need more work. 😉 But a good (very good) goal to aspire to!

  2. You’re not giving yourself enough credit you know? I’ve read a bunch of your stories and keep wanting to know what happens next, and trust me I could not write about any of the subjects you’re writing about. 🙂 I’m new to short story writing and what I’ve done so far is based on personal experience. The real test will come when I start writing about people whose character and dialogue I have to completely make up.

  3. Fantastic, I’m heading over to read your chapter 39 and the others you mentioned. Thank you for taking the time to post them! Agus,
    Tá Gaeilge maith agatsa freisin.

  4. *There* you are! The way through the forest winds a bit, and isn’t always clear, especially in the dark. But five ravens in a bare aspen tree marked the spot, and now I know the way…

  5. Fantastic. Welcome. It will be even harder to see on the blog but there’s a hearth fire somewhere hereabouts for when it’s cold and windy and otherwise I’ll be here in the grove of oaks and liquidambar trees near the creek.

  6. I’ll just have to come up with a different trajectory for her. I actually really liked my character too, she could do a few things that I can’t. 🙂 Next time I try fictionalizing things that happen to me I’ll just create a blind character. I was already having to do strange things like have my character close her eyes while walking down a road, when in truth I had just walked down the road normally without being able to see…at least not anything of this world. Live and learn though. 🙂

  7. Éilis Niamh, grateful I am for having followed your trail here, after you left a LOVEly comment on my Soulful Traveler website.

    I felt as if I found a lost piece of myself that I left behind in Ireland, when I found your blog.

    It’s a pleasure to be reading the words of a talented bard such as yourself.

    Bright BlesSINGs,
    Aurora 🙂

    1. Hi Aurora! Thank you for your wonderful comments, I am very moved by your words. I am excited and honored that my blog and what I write here speaks to you so deeply. Welcome, soul friend!

      I’ve been greatly enjoying following your blog as well, learning to cultivate a better relationship with my highest self is something which is most needed for me to keep growing.

      Peace of the running waves and the silent stars to you.

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