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Cry of the Child

Bright sun dances on the road
Ahead a mother and child

Such a strange cry the child makes
Low and hushed as if he dare not
Teadering on the threshold of silence

Mama, don’t leave me alone
Don’t leave me alone mama

Mama don’t
Leave me alone, mama don’t
Leave me.

Over and over in broken echo
Mama says you don’t want to come with me?

Mama says there will be no watching later.
Child cries hesitate before droning on without conviction

No more watching.  Does she mean the child,
Nno watching the child
Cries, child’s echoing cries over, over

Three times I stopped along my way and turned
Three times wondering, hoping to do more
Three times I looked back, knowing I couldn’t see

And I could never be sure, no sure thing
Surely it is nothing, no thing except such a strange cry the child makes

One final time to turn to them
Mother and child, send love to them
Love the child, and would he recognize it,

Mother’s love for a child
One eternal moment I love the child
I walk home

I move on, walk the fading cries of a child
Dissipating fragments on the wind
Echos breaking.