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The Spiral Pattern of Living

There is no finish line
No tick marks or check boxes
No blanks to fill in
No thing to cross out

Instead we walk the labyrinth of living
Inward and outward
Weaving ourselves into being
Learning our mystery moment by moment

This terrain of trouble and triumph
I have traveled many times before
Wondering what it was I did wrong
If I was growing, why had I returned

The contours of the path remain the same
Not so, the one who passes through
Every switchback, rewandered turn, has mattered
And in the crossing and recrossing, we unfold

I will come by here again, hold out my hand
To welcome every seed of joy
And the beauty of the broken roots
With stark scars of sadness, red as sunset

Each time, a different phase of moon
Cascades its own collage of color
Each time, reflected light casts its shadows
And I am left breathless once again with the remembering


Walking the Labyrinth

I, born from the clay and carving rivers,
The star leaf and the seed,
I have seen spirit in motion, felt the breath of fire,
And known the sacredness of a smile.

I, deer’s child, wolf woman,
I have heard the world howling with abandon,
It’s body torn apart, great tapestries unwoven.

The landscape, like a weary heart, broke open,
And out of these crumbled, withered lands I have awoken,
And said the words too long unspoken.

The sweat of everyday living,
Glistens like fairy dust upon my skin.
And in this way I began,
And in this way I begin

To rebecome, transform, retrieve
The unkempt dreams I find within,
The heartbeat of the world I’m in.

Here fear no longer dries the rains,
All that impedes me is gone,
Who I am, unwilling to never make a sound:
My cries rebound across these hills.

Led toward center along a spiral way,
I am learning, reaching out to you,
Every twist and turn, the uncertainty of growing
Those living here before us whisper on the wind.

Spirits of this place who knew to balance, how to be,
Who are we, stranded on the web of life, to work our will?
Here as we are, in this moment of peace when, breathlessly,
Land stirs to hush, lies still.

The Call to Dancing

Dance wherever you may be
For I am the moonlight licking your face
And the wind, humming a lullaby, all-is-well
Across your sand blown life with waxing waves.

Dance, under the stars, my eyes
My purple fog will clear in the twilight
When our worlds become one:
I breathe, through sky and earth, I am.

Dance the day spun into night
Death of suns and light renewed
Come and join the ring of fire
As our voices climb in spiral song.

Your urgency, your steps and falls, I feel.
Your hands, how many you reach out to touch, I feel.
Come, taste the life dust on your skin and recall why you were born
Remain a child, forever in my arms
And I will rock you, not so gently, until you grow and become like fallen leaves,
Unafraid of scattering.

When you have nothing to say, dance
For I will hear your cries with every stomp and bruise.
When you have nothing to love, dance
For then you will fall in love with motion
Lie on its properties and sleep soundly.

Don’t you remember how entropy sifted through time into your hair?
How you reverberated with light beams and were consoled by gravity?
So dance, feel my heart beat surround you
Here in the rustling trees, the roar of oceans.

Dance the rhythm of your own heart song
Beating in time, the whispers in your blood
Murmuring the memories of ages.
Weave yourself into the dance,

Stitched into the landscape of all,
Until now, you’ve only dreamed
And know that you have never left my love behind.