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Falling Stars

Stars fall
And fall
I could do nothing
But watch stars fall

Brilliant sparks of soaring light
Lost in a senseless sea of sorrow
Tears cried too late
Then too soon dried

There was no time
To gather the fractured shards of love
Hold them close
Keen their crossing

Run, the shadows
Will snuff out in an inky smoke
The tiny incandescent suns
Smoldering in your harried, haunted eyes

Does the earth over your heads lie cold
Is it not yet satiated
With enough red rain
No time, I slip

Over the black pools
Lying in wait
Like withered, sunken eyes
Acrid reservoirs of unwept tears

Don’t fall…
But silently, filling
Hollows with the horrors of memory
A steady rain

Perhaps tomorrow
The warm sunshine
And the call of the curlew
Will pull me back

From the endless depths
Of yesterday’s neglected grief
But at last, today I weep
And weep for fallen stars


The Call to Dancing

Dance wherever you may be
For I am the moonlight licking your face
And the wind, humming a lullaby, all-is-well
Across your sand blown life with waxing waves.

Dance, under the stars, my eyes
My purple fog will clear in the twilight
When our worlds become one:
I breathe, through sky and earth, I am.

Dance the day spun into night
Death of suns and light renewed
Come and join the ring of fire
As our voices climb in spiral song.

Your urgency, your steps and falls, I feel.
Your hands, how many you reach out to touch, I feel.
Come, taste the life dust on your skin and recall why you were born
Remain a child, forever in my arms
And I will rock you, not so gently, until you grow and become like fallen leaves,
Unafraid of scattering.

When you have nothing to say, dance
For I will hear your cries with every stomp and bruise.
When you have nothing to love, dance
For then you will fall in love with motion
Lie on its properties and sleep soundly.

Don’t you remember how entropy sifted through time into your hair?
How you reverberated with light beams and were consoled by gravity?
So dance, feel my heart beat surround you
Here in the rustling trees, the roar of oceans.

Dance the rhythm of your own heart song
Beating in time, the whispers in your blood
Murmuring the memories of ages.
Weave yourself into the dance,

Stitched into the landscape of all,
Until now, you’ve only dreamed
And know that you have never left my love behind.