The Official Soundtrack

This is a page which I am growing. It contains lyrics to my music, along with as many recordings as I have made so far. The recordings aren’t professional by any means and were done in my living room. As I live near a very loud obnoxious train, it takes a long time to get these done. So, please forgive me as I already know they could be better. Also, my songs are in MP3 format on Sound Cloud. You must have a web browser besides Firefox to play them. (Note to FireFox developers: start supporting MP3 format sound!)

With that caveat, I do want to share what I’ve composed with others. I promise more lyrics will come soon when I figure out how to paste them in beautifully. Have a listen and a read and enjoy!




An Orchestra of Longing (A tribute to John O’Donohue)

Oh Mother

Passage to the Otherworld

Belonging Song

Ready to Rise

Restless Lullaby

Something That Its Like

Sunrise Daughter

Morning Child (Song for Yule)

Sunlight, Starlight (Arranged for and sung with the Tucson Women’s Chorus)

Here In My Arms

Circle ‘Round

The Art of Living

The Haunted House

Water, Ground, and Sky

Color My Heart

Older Now

Don’t Get Me Wrong

Dream Catcher

Hummingbird (For Everywoman)

Change The Time


10 thoughts on “The Official Soundtrack

  1. To all tech savvy people out there, I would like to create recordings as a player to stream within the page and the lyrics to link to a webpage that shows them, like lyrics websites. Help?

  2. Listening to your compositions (I have overlooked the music somehow before) I saw your comment about the train.

    The novelist inside me ponders…

    Can you take an annoyance and turn it into a feature?

    To wit.

    A song (or music) of travel, say, Victorian age, and record the passing of the train to include it in the background (at certain points) of your composition,.

    A musician I am not– although I do a fair cover of Classical Gas on my six-string. (When alone, I get an audience of ONE or greater, I fall apart.)

    Anyway, use the train as production value. “Local Freight” or “5:15 Commuter” Or “Hop on, let’s go.” kind of thing.

    Just a thunk or two. (Past tense of thank. I thunked it up a while ago, but let me sit here and thank about it some more…)

    Okay, corruption of language over. But there is an idea about the train.

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